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Friday, September 17, 2010


Khaaali hain ye akhiyan bin teri yaadon ke
Gum jati hain andhyare ke dhue me
Dhundti hain parchai teri har rahi ki aahat me

Har patta har phool
Har dali murjhai hai
teri khushboo ghadi ke do kanto me samai hai....

Suraj ki roshni se darr hai
Raat ke aane me gham hai
Jake koi kirno ko chipne se rok do
Kyuki Kahin door ek ankh nam hai

Friday, September 3, 2010

New life...

A beginning of life, in the memories of past
Avalanche of thoughts, make insanity to stay…
It burns inside…. but with a pride
Not to forget the story of love
Tears roll down with every broken breath….
Hard to say which turn it’ll take

Step onto a ladder and chase the colors
Look at the stars and follow the moon
Spread wings and find the face
Known before but faded with pace…
Lost in this night… see it in the moonlight

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence= Freedom= Rights

Independence= Freedom= Rights

Sometimes I wonder who gave me this equation. Government? Society? Who???? Perhaps I don’t know who gave this however; recently I realized how, by whom it is being implemented and where... Delhi roads are one answer to the question of ‘Where’. I usually drive from my home in Faridabad to Delhi which is a 12 k.m. drive and it takes 1 – 1:30 hrs to reach my office every day… thanks to Badarpur traffic jams... Ufffff…. Anyway let’s come back hmmm… so we have one answer and the second it by whom… and answer is US… everyone who so ever is using that road whether pedestrian, car drivers, bus riders or any one…

Right to equality: Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18

I have learnt various skills and it is a continuous learning every day. So far I have learnt that footpaths are made for either bike riders/two–wheeler riders or people to wait for buses not for pedestrians to walk there. It really doesn’t matter whether it has rained two days back or four days back one has to face digs and pits filled with mud and water, total filth. The very next day when it has rained don’t even think of wearing any light color cloth or clean cloth if you do that you are making it difficult for yourself to stay clean and look good.

Right to freedom: Articles 19, 20, 21 and 22

Here you walk on your own risk because any bus/ auto / rickshaw wala can move from their side to anywhere left–right anywhere on this road… Arey they are constructed to be used and we have the freedom to move anywhere we want.
Freedom of speech and expression: Article 19
One can abuse anyone anytime. It can be your fault or the other person’s fault. But if you are a female driving alone here (no one else is accompanying you) then it is more likely to get thrash from everyone be it cyclewala, carwala, anyone. Best way out is to cover your ears with helmet so that you don’t have to listen to people’s abuse.

Right to freedom of religion

Ahhh!!! Not really one of my favorites but then yes how can I omitte this perfect topic. You can stop your vehicle anywhere btw your journey for prayers if there is any Mandir/ Masjid/Gurdwara or any other religious place. So what people behind you are getting late or traffic is getting disturb…. we can always take out two minutes from our busy schedule of driving for “GOD...It is really important”.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Portrait of my memories
Has a shining way
I pray for them
to never fade away.....

It smiles with every grin
I have on my face
I dream of that rain
smell of that snow

Those help me get over
Every roller coaster.....

Friday, April 9, 2010


Trishnagi mein rehkar samjha,
Ki kitni nam thi zindagi

Satya ke aalingan mein aakaar laga
Ki kya bhram thi zindagi

Aatm Sukh paaya toh laga
Ki kya gham thi zindagi

Har pal marnaa chaha, par ab lagta hai,
Ki kitni kam thi zindagi

Aaj akele hu toh pataa laga
ki kya ehsaas thi zindagi

Dooriyan hui toh laga,
Ki kitni paas thi zindagi

Sannaton ki dhun mein lagta hai
Ki kya saaz thi zindagi

Aaj oopar se apne parivar ko rote dekhta hu,toh lagta hai
Ki kitni khaas thi zindagi
Kitni khaas thi zindagi.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Reason of wrath is not known..
So, why this fury?
Make it a new start
Lets change it all
Don't stick to the cold black past
Lets just forget it all
There is hue n cry around
change it into giggling sound
It'll bring dusk to dawn
will Create happiness without frown....

Thursday, September 10, 2009


7:59 PM 8/24/2009
Today,occured an incident which forced me to think what is wrong?....Nature,parenting or today's generation's mentality,that obviously includes me.
Today one of my most infamous cousin tillu was kind of grounded because he was continously sending friend requests on a social networking site to the persons especially girls whom he even dont know...Yes,he is wrong in doing SO he should be punished in doing so....
But the latter thing draw my much attention and thought..that why he is doing so....i.e. sending friend requests to unknown girls.
He is 15 now,thats his age of adoloscence. It is one of laws of nature that one sex is attracted to opposite one at this age...But in our society,I dont know hell why, at this age if he is talking to girls,he would be punished hard and will be considered a typical "bohot bigda hua baccha"...But I can not understand this thing at all that why even at my age ..if I am talking to a girl..this is not considered good at all...What do the parents and society wants us all to be..desperate or gays? that sounds funny but thats damn true..even I know many persons who either are highly desperate or turned to gays...And desperation,I dont consider is good at any level...High no. of rapes are the example of this thing...
If one person is asked about this that what is wrong with that....then I am definite that his answer would be that if a guy and girl at this age will talk so much..they can reach for physical relations that will ultimately ruin their lives.I cant unnderstand that why and how it will ruin their lives when contraception and thousand other things are available...
And a question above all...why sex is considered as an evil thing?????I took a note on this thing while reading "the Da Vinci code" which stated that sex was considered ritualistic before a certain time...And even in Indian tradition it is mentioned as one of the most important parts of lives.....Even if sexual isolation is there...A person would definitely keep tangled in this...because the only thing he crave for will be opposite gender only....And thats one of the most important reasons that America is ahead of India...Belive it or not...Because 90% people here care only about sex...
Everything has been planned by the nature....Why humans were made men and women...why not hermaphrodite? Why mating was made compulsory for continuation of a specie? Why dolphins and humans are only species who "enjoy" mating?Why age of puberty is near by 15...? Hell why this age only..?And when puberty is newly attained and a boy/girl is excited about that.....he is kept isolated from other sex...Why deforming of nature's law? what is level of human in front of nature?A fleshling who even cant control the time of his own life!!!
Am not saying that a kid should be allowed freely to have physical relations...but at least complete islation is not a good option.If you want complete progress of a child..Why to put in his/her mind that he is devoid of something he extremely enjoy....Why not he be made tension free of that???so that only carreer is important for him??
There are parenting traditions and parents have been blindly following that for centuries and sadly,they'll be doing so for many more centuries......but still....there's always hope...Maybe I am wrong in my thoughts...but m right in my eyes....