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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When no one is around...

When no one is around
To be with you
When you are not around
To look for you

If you have the one
You want him to speak
Say all, what he feels
This just what you want

But the flipside says
I don’t wanna speak the phrase
The life is different
I don’t have time for love

I want more money
To have you with me, honey!
Just stay beside and
Leave all the complaints

Here your heart says
Someone speak to him
Tell him the truth
You don’t want coin shine
You hungry for smile
Which is more than million bucks
You are fed up of his frowned face

There are ample question
To which, he has no answers
You walk hundred miles
You wish you were not alone
There was someone who will worry
Where you are gone….

Monday, May 11, 2009


Life’s full of irony
Sometimes happy and sometimes fiery
People come and pass by
You will stop for a moment to cry
But your time does not cry
It will run and will never come
The curse will remain
It will always pain

Deep in your heart
A picture you will craft
Just try to follow the simple path
You enjoy every moment

Untill you sign
The scene will shine
But when you leave
It bleeds…
Its light like a feather
Still cant bear it either..

You run for an answer
Without any power..
They try to frame
But you have become insane..
Will you ever find the ray?
Forget it!! Just fray..

You try to breath
No way, you are a freak!!!
You wanna turn back,
But you’ve come too far..
You try ending it all..
But not without a war..
Alas!! you lose it again
And cry in pain….