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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Independence= Freedom= Rights

Independence= Freedom= Rights

Sometimes I wonder who gave me this equation. Government? Society? Who???? Perhaps I don’t know who gave this however; recently I realized how, by whom it is being implemented and where... Delhi roads are one answer to the question of ‘Where’. I usually drive from my home in Faridabad to Delhi which is a 12 k.m. drive and it takes 1 – 1:30 hrs to reach my office every day… thanks to Badarpur traffic jams... Ufffff…. Anyway let’s come back hmmm… so we have one answer and the second it by whom… and answer is US… everyone who so ever is using that road whether pedestrian, car drivers, bus riders or any one…

Right to equality: Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18

I have learnt various skills and it is a continuous learning every day. So far I have learnt that footpaths are made for either bike riders/two–wheeler riders or people to wait for buses not for pedestrians to walk there. It really doesn’t matter whether it has rained two days back or four days back one has to face digs and pits filled with mud and water, total filth. The very next day when it has rained don’t even think of wearing any light color cloth or clean cloth if you do that you are making it difficult for yourself to stay clean and look good.

Right to freedom: Articles 19, 20, 21 and 22

Here you walk on your own risk because any bus/ auto / rickshaw wala can move from their side to anywhere left–right anywhere on this road… Arey they are constructed to be used and we have the freedom to move anywhere we want.
Freedom of speech and expression: Article 19
One can abuse anyone anytime. It can be your fault or the other person’s fault. But if you are a female driving alone here (no one else is accompanying you) then it is more likely to get thrash from everyone be it cyclewala, carwala, anyone. Best way out is to cover your ears with helmet so that you don’t have to listen to people’s abuse.

Right to freedom of religion

Ahhh!!! Not really one of my favorites but then yes how can I omitte this perfect topic. You can stop your vehicle anywhere btw your journey for prayers if there is any Mandir/ Masjid/Gurdwara or any other religious place. So what people behind you are getting late or traffic is getting disturb…. we can always take out two minutes from our busy schedule of driving for “GOD...It is really important”.